Decades of Covered-Up Sexual Assault in French Catholic Church

A new investigation has shed light on a shocking system of sexual exploitation and subsequent cover-ups in the French Catholic Church. From 1950 to 2020, an estimated 330,000 children were sexually assaulted by over 3,000 ordained members of the church. A new 2,500 page document blasts leaders for covering up the sexual abuse and remaining “silent” for so long. Éric de Moulins-Beaufort, the head of the Bishops’ Conference of France, said that the church had been “shamed” by the finding and asked for forgiveness. Now confronted with public fury, the church has attempted to placate detractors by reforming their teaching on sexuality, obedience, and the sacredness of priesthood. They have also endorsed a financial compensation program, saying that although the program was “not sufficient (to address the trauma from sexual abuse), [it] is nonetheless indispensable as it completes the recognition process.” Only the latest in a string of incidences of heinous abuse uncovered across the Catholic church, the news has further shaken public confidence.

By: Emory Wilson

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