North Korea Launches Boldest Test of Ballistic Missile Since 2017

On January 30, 2022 North Korea tested its most powerful missile since 2017, according to the Associated Press. The missile was launched at a steep angle, reaching an altitude of over 1,200 miles before falling into the Sea of Japan. South Korea, Japan, and the United States all condemned the act. The countries also conducted analyses of the missile’s flight, which suggested the projectile was an intermediate-range ballistic missile. “If the missile were fired at a normal apogee, its range would be up to 3,500 kilometers to 5,500 kilometers [2,200 to 3,400 miles],” Joseph Dempsey, a researcher at the International institute for Strategic Studies, told CNN following the launch. This would be the most powerful missile to be launched in five years, when North Korea conducted an escalating series of nuclear and missile tests during the Trump administration. January 2022 saw North Korea conduct seven missile tests, a number higher than any month since Kim Jong-un became the leader of North Korea in 2011. South Korean president Moon Jae-In suggested the recent tests have raised tensions to a heightened level reminiscent of the crisis in 2017. “North Korea must stop raising tensions and pressure and accept offers from South Korea and the United States to restart dialogue,” he said.

By: Leo Peters

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