Founded in 2017 by Andrés Pérez ’18 and Jack Zinterhofer ‘18, The Revere is Phillips Academy’s only foreign affairs newspaper. It is entirely student-run, with articles conceived from our writers’ and editors’ wide range of world views.

In a letter to their readers in the first edition, Pérez and Zinterhofer wrote of their hope for The Revere “to help foster in our community a greater intellectual curiosity and knowledge in foreign affairs. At times this may mean you will disagree with us. We actually hope this is the case. But at the same time, we also hope you will first read, learn, and then thoughtfully disagree. For us, this diversity of thought is at the core of our school’s and paper’s values.”

We continue to uphold founding ideals and you can find The Revere every other Thursday in the Library and Commons.  Our website will also be updated correspondingly.

Thank you for your support and readership,  
Lilly Yager and Sophia Hlavaty

Publisher/Editor-In-Chief Timeline:

Publishers 2017-2018: Andrés Pérez ’18 and Jack Zinterhofer ’18

Publishers 2018-2019: Will Zinterhofer ’19 and Natalie Simpson ’19

Publisher 2019-2020: Gwen Robinson ’20

Editor-In-Chief 2019-2020: Sophie Liu ’20

Publisher 2020-2021: Lilly Yager ’21

Editor-In-Chief 2020-2021: Sophia Hlavaty ’21



Editor-In-Chief 2021-2022: Neil Shen ’22


Editor-In-Chief 2022-2023: Nicholas Donnellan ’23