Regional Focus Contributors

Caroline Empey ’22
The Future of Greece: The Light for Greek Hope is Dimming

Emma Jing ’22

Neil Shen ’22
Unrest in Ex-Soviet Countries: A Renewed Effort Against Authoritarianism
Amber Ting ’23
The U.S. Health Care System: Is Medical Care Medicine?
Frank Zhou ’22
Chinese “Communism”: Creeds, Conceptions, and Misconceptions
The strategic location of the Arctic brings another theater for the emerging, declining, and stagnating nations of the sub-Arctic region to compete over regional power. It seems that any semblance of cooperation has gone out the door. While the Arctic may be rapidly warming, the chill of another “Cold War” is already on the horizon.

Nicholas Donnellan, Cold War? Arctic Geopolitics Invites the Digitalization of the Arctic

The Revere Vol. V No. 6